Director of Photography Elie Smolkin’s unique eye and timeless frames have made him a name to be recognized in television and film cinematography.  After his immense success shooting season 1 of SyFy’s hit series “The Magicians,” Elie has returned for season 2, which premiered on January 25th.  He also recently worked as the cinematographer for TNT’s critically-acclaimed new drama “Good Behavior,” starring Michelle Dockery, which has been renewed for another season.

      Beyond his success in television, Smolkin lensed the break out feature film Todd Strauss-Schulson’s “The Final Girls,” starring Nina Dobrev and Adam Devine, which premiered on SXSW’s opening night.

      Raised by a French mother and Canadian father in Vancouver and Chicago, Elie’s unique perspective on life began at an early age.  His interest in cinematography stemmed from the first time he clicked the shutter of a 35mm SLR at age 9.  

      After graduating with Honors from Emerson College’s prestigious cinematography program, Elie moved to Los Angeles where he shot commercials for international giants such as Yamaha Motors, Hyundai, Jose Cuervo, Adult Swim, Reebok and Pepsi Max.

      As a visual storyteller Elie strives to strike the perfect balance between cutting edge technology and vintage tricks. More than anything, Smolkin designs a world that is true to the subject matter, creating visuals that tell the story.

      Elie currently maintains rare dual citizenship in both the United States and Canada and he splits his time between his homes in Los Angeles and Vancouver.